Paris Fashion Week: Robot Baby Made Out Of Gadgets

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Video screenshots SchiaparelliThe following are some examples of how to get started: Maggie Maurer

Paris Fashion Week is a must-attend event. Schiaparelli’s haute couture collection was a hit. The newest member, it seemed, is an animatronic robot baby in couture that left the audience fawning and cooing.

The microchips embedded in the t-shirtsMaggie Maurer wore a crystal doll, the same size as a toddler, around her hips when she walked down the runway Tuesday. This mechanical child, reincarnated from Swarovski gemstones, old cell phones and other tech components was meant to represent the merging of old and new technology.




It goes without saying that Not only guests, but also fans on Facebook were buzzing about the moment.


Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2024 line, aptly named ‘Schiaparalien’, served as an ode to the turn of the century. It was a tribute to early-aughts tech with a Western twist, giving it a unique space cowboy feeling. Daniel Roseberry, Schiaparelli’s creative director, aimed to create a line that was a study in contradictions. He combined Martian silhouettes with Western flairs and was influenced by the tension of the earthbound versus the heaven-sent. 



This is not all. overall circuit board of innovation explored the tension between AI advancement and Gen Z’s nostalgia for Y2K devices.


In an InterviewThe following are some examples of how to use Vogue France, creative director Daniel Roseberry explained the story behind arguably the show’s most compelling dress, The Mother.

“The whole collection is sort of a dialogue between the past and the future,” Roseberry detailed. The look is composed of “old pre-iPhone technologies” that he grew up with, like flip phones, a cooling fan, tons of microchips, a calculator, a CD, plus 20-year-old motherboards—hence the name ‘The Mother’.


The metallic number blends “old-world techniques with new-world technologies,” Roseberry proclaimed.

Even though its coutureHana Soukupova, the model, also agreed that it was comfortable.




[via The New York Times and New York Post, images via various sources]


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