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MutinyMUTINY, a free novella in the Mystyx series, is now available for download. It takes place between MYSTIFY and MAYHEM and follows Franklin Bryant as he braves unchartered territory to embrace a destiny he never imagined existed.

What did I do to end up in this nightmare?

One minute Franklin Bryant is a normal teenager in school with his girlfriend, Krystal. The next, a reaper leaves him in Trance, the place between worlds where his destiny will be decided. Franklin has been summoned by the demon Charon to help destroy the Mystyx, a group of classmates including Krystal, with supernatural powers that can defeat Charon.

Franklin loves Krystal, but he faces an impossible choice: join Charon and be rewarded with powers beyond his dreams, or refuse and die….

Find out now! This free download is now available at

MUTINY is also available from Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook.