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Mad about the Mystyx?
Then you’ve come to the right place!

Everyone sees them as the outsiders, the non-conformers in school and in town, but here—the Mystyx can just be themselves. They can share their secrets, open up about their powers and take you into the world as they know it. So stay awhile and get to know them, learn to love them, imagine what it’s like to be one of the Mystyx. more »

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The Shadow Shifters: Damaged Hearts

Introducing The Shadow Shifters

The Amazon is known for its rainforests, as well as the often reported sightings of strange animals, or new species. The Shadow Shifters are just that—a new species of part man, part cat shape shifter. There are currently five known species of shifters originated from the Gungi rainforest and now spread out across the world, namely: The Topètinia (jaguars); The Croesteriia (cheetahs); The Lormenia (tigers); The Bosinia (cougars); and The Serfins (white lions). Years ago Shadow Shifters migrated to the United States, opting to live amongst their human counterparts in harmony. This harmony only exists because of their silence, once the humans find out about their distinctly different DNA the Shadows are sure to face a problematic future.

The Season of Shiter - Click to read more

Get Ready for the Season of Shifters!

Beginning Spring 2014 get ready for the release of 4 new shifter stories! The Season of Shifters kicks off with a bang as the first of three New Adult novellas will be released in SHADOW SHIFTERS: Damaged Hearts. The celebration will culminate with my 3rd Annual Reader Appreciation Event—SEASON OF SHIFTERS. See Events Page at for details.

What is a New Adult novel and
how is it different from a Young Adult Novel?

New Adult (NA) is the hot new category that everyone’s talking about. NA is a coming-of-age story that focuses on a protagonist embarking on a new phase in their life, i.e. college, moving into adulthood and away from home, etc. It’s the excitement of starting on a new adventure and it’s full of possibilities. NA protagonists typically range from ages 18 to 26.

New Adult eBooks ONLY

Be there as this trio of Shadow Shifter brothers not only grapple with the idea of being shifters in a human world, but navigate the life of a college student and a young man about to fall in love.

April 8, 2014
Mine to Claim
Aidan & Grace
May 13, 2014
Part of Me
Brayden & Lidia
June 10, 2014
Hunger for You
Caleb & Zoe


The Season of Shiter - Click to read more


For Fans of Sara Shepherd’s #1 New York Times Bestselling books and the ABC Family hit Series PRETTY LITTLE LIARS comes two fan fiction stories set in the secretive and drama-filled world of Spencer, Aria, Hanna and Emily! more »

Be My Sweetheart

The Strong Shall Survive